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Main product:suction pad, Pressure sensors, pump, ...

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 In 1972, the “CONVUM” ejector-type vacuum was produced. Since then we have established ourselves as pioneers in the manufacturing of vacuum generators. The globalization of the industry and base production, the need to diversify and to challenge the issues of various global environmental issues, Myotoku, a long standing development-oriented,technology-infused company, pledges to continue growing and meeting customer demands.We decide the management policy as " ConVUM pad No.1 " in order to aim the more attractive product manufacturing,
and make rapid progress as the manufacturer who can evaluate from our customers.Through the manufacturing ,To contribute as a company that is trusted by the local community as the origin , Please stay tuned to Myotoku always continue to provide the quality of No.1.
The suction cup is a product that utilizes the suction (negative pressure) obtained from the ConVUM vacuum generator to adsorb and lift workpieces (adsorbates).
The cup acts as that of a human “hand” or “nger”.Equipment to adsorb and carry the workpieces without contacting (as rising) ,utilizing air
characteristic to supplying compressed air.Use for workpieces transfer that cannot adsorb with cups, as Liquid Crystal Panel,lm, Circuit Board, and so on.
Pressure Sensor measure a pressure displacement with internal pressure-sensitive element, then convert and output electrical signal. Our company’ s pressure sensors, which focus on
air pressure, are used for a variety of applications including suction conrmation, seating conrmation, and source pressure management.
As well as we strengthen the cooperation between the development and sales, and quickly respond to requests from customers. We aim at developing new product that aggressive
incorporates customer requirements and market demand. 
Company Profile
Company Name: CONVUM Type of company: Enterprise (Manufacturers,Traders)
Place of Origin: Asia-Pacific/China Company Size: 1000-3000人
Registered Capital: 12000Ten thousandRMB Year of Registration: 1972
Data certification:   Enterprise data throughAuthenticate
Business: Manufacturers,Traders
Business: suction pad, Pressure sensors, pump, Switching Valve
Sales of products: suction pad, Pressure sensors, pump, Switching Valve
Mechanical Parts & Fabrication Services / Valves
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